Season 3 Rundown and Review

There are two primary story arcs that carry through Season 3. The first is the kidnapping of Jax’s son, Abel, by a rogue member of the IRA who has taken flight, eventually leading the club to Ireland. Then there is that of Special Agent Stahl. She is so intent on bringing the club down that she is willing to cross the line of right and wrong as she covers the tracks of  her own misdeeds all the while pressuring Jax to “turn rat” on the Sons.

There are some interesting plot turns and unexpected twists throughout the season. Jax and Clay bond in their shared pursuit of Abel; Gemma seems less the manipulator as she is pursed by the law; Opie remains conflicted between loyalties to Jax, the club and his dead wife, Donna; Tara must decide where she stands — with or without Jax; and Agent Stahl works to tear apart the Sons by any means necessary.

Season 3 is, by far, the strongest SoA season and it turns out some great, and unexpected performances. Titus Welliver, who plays Jimmy O’Phelan, delivers what could have been an Emmy worthy opponent as a primary nemesis.

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But the final episode is simply amazing — truly one of the greatest season finales in television history.  Agent Stahl and Jimmy O’Phelan must make amends for their crimes against the club with Opie and Chibs, respectively, delivering club justice. It is a finale with surprises, emotions, action and anticipation. Although many members of the club conclude the season headed to prison, there is an extreme satisfaction knowing that, if even for a moment, the Sons of Anarchy were unified in a common cause seen through to fulfillment.

Click Here for Season 3 [EXPAND SPOILERSChibs takes center stage for a shining moment when he confronts Jimmy and gives him a proper soldier’s death. Possibly the most satisfying moment in just about any TV series comes when Opie finally gets his vengeance on Agent Stahl in an emotional moment where she pleads for her life, and Opie, the voice of empathy, turns cold and brings Stahl to a bloody end.[/EXPAND]

Season 3 Grade: A+

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Article by Gordon Shelly.