Season 4 Rundown and Review

This season introduces new Charming Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) and ATF agent Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). Roosevelt makes it clear that he adheres to the law and disapproves of former Sheriff Unser’s affiliation with the club. Potter, on the other hand, is in pursuit of IRA gunrunners and on track to decimate the club  as long as it means getting his real target.

Danny Trejo gets into the mix as a double agent working for the CIA. Why is the CIA involved? Because the Sons are expanding their business beyond the world of gun running and pornography and entering the world of drugs. Their gun running is expanding as well, but with so many different law agencies and gangs battling for power, the Sons find themselves stuck in the middle.

Ultimately, Jax moves to push Clay out and take control of the club. A main character  is killed and Opie distances himself from both Jax and the club.  Tara fully commits to this life, regardless of the consequences. It is a powerful season finale, with a few of the key story lines finding resolution, but it is a cliffhanger, leaving the viewer wanting for more.

Click here for Season 4 [EXPAND SPOILERS]PIney dies in Season 4, along with a few other characters, including one of the prospects. Juice finds himself responsible for the prospect’s death and Clay is solely responsible for killing Piney.[/EXPAND]

Season 4 Grade: A-

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Article by Gordon Shelly.