Season 5 Rundown and Review

Some of the best and the worst of Sons of Anarchy take place during this season. Season 5 cuts loose with plenty of over-the-top action, a new larger than life villain, and the death of the show’s strongest and most conflicted character (not Jax Teller).

While SoA has had a high level of daytime melodrama, season 5 crosses over into soap opera territory more than once. The club is split, as are Gemma and Clay. Gemma enters into a new relationship with former gang banger Nero (Jimmy Smits) and the always awesome Harold Perrineau plays super gangster, Damon Pope.

Smits nails the role of Nero, a man who has worked hard to leave behind the world of gangs to run a legitimate (although not exactly ethical business). His relationship with Gemma and a partnership with Jax though are too tempting as is the allure of gang life.

Perrineau is given an opportunity to cut loose with Damon Pope. He overacts at times, but clearly has fun with the character and gives him a solid season on SoA.

A confrontation with Pope brings Tig to life and Kim Coates has his strongest performance on the series. Ultimately, Tig is forced to go against Clay and swear his allegiance to Jax. Jax continues to maneuver to save the club (and himself) and protect his family. But enter a new character, a formal Federal Marshall, Lee Toric (Donal Logue), who lost his sister in a club related murder. Toric’s sole purpose in life appears to be to bring the club down. 

The season ends with more questions than answers and the fate of the Sons shrouded in uncertainty.

Click here for Season 5[EXPAND SPOILERS] Otto turns on the club, kills an innocent nurse (Lee Toric’s sister) to set Tara up, who is ultimately headed to prison now. The biggest shock and awe moment comes when Opie puts himself in harm’s way to save Jax. Ultimately, this leads to Opie’s unexpected death. Opie was one of the strongest and most conflicted characters. When he dies, so does part of the show. [/EXPAND]

Season 5 Grade: B+

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Article by Gordon Shelly.